Get the Maximum Energy and Health for Your Body and Mind
by Increasing Your Levels of Cellular Glutathione, thereby boosting Cellular and Immune Functions
. Dr. Robert H. Keller’s Original Glutathione Formula™ and Advanced Immune Defense is the key!

Decreased Glutathione Levels as You Age CHARTQuality and Length of Life are Highly Correlated to Glutathione in the Body Because:

  • Glutathione is used up continuously in the cells as it detoxifies endogenous and exogenous free radicals. Glutathione works from the inside out
  • Glutathione “significantly” slows cellular aging by stopping DNA damage from free radicals — by orchestrating the renewal of all the body's antioxidants.
  • Glutathione helps ensure one's capacity for continuous energy output (i.e. physical and mental activity) —  by quenching mitochondrial free radicals.
  • Glutathione enables higher levels of immune activity — because Glutathione is needed by immune system cells.
  • Glutathione helps one’s skin to stay young and beautiful — by preventing skin damage from free radicals

The chart below definitively shows that ONLY two months of OGF™ supplementation (6 capsules daily) is able to improve intracellular Glutathione levels in very sick patients to levels that are higher than pre-OGF™ Glutathione levels of normal people.

The summary of this study is that OGF™ was able to boost Glutathione levels in normally healthy persons by an average of 276% and levels of Glutathione in very sick people by up to 416%


“If your Glutathione levels are low, then your health is,
or soon will be, LOW.  It's that simple.”
Dr. Robert H. Keller.

As a predictive marker of health as you age, your Glutathione levels are tell-tale. It's been proven — if you don't keep your Glutathione levels high, then you can't keep your health high. Read this article showing that the single most important marker or predictor of one's health in people aged 60 to 100+ is Glutathione.

If you don't want to have lung problems such as COPD, keeping your Glutathione levels very high is a hugely important key.

Glutathione plays an important role in a multitude of cellular processes, including cell differentiation, proliferation, and apoptosis, and disturbances in GSH homeostasis are involved in the etiology and progression of many human diseases including cancer.

Glutathione from a doctor's perspective - it's the protector of human life, it detoxifies the body, resurrects spent antioxidants, it's low in alcoholics, cigarette smokers, children with autism, people with chronic fatigue syndrome, it's low in people with cardiovascular disease - in short - it's low in people who aren't healthy!

A first step for improving health is to increase Glutathione levels.
Original Glutathione Formula is the most effective way to significantly raise Glutathione fast!

Learn more by watching the video below:

Dr. Robert H. Keller’s Original Glutathione Formula (OGF™)


  • OGF™ boosts production of Glutathione.
  • OGF™ helps recycle Glutathione in the liver.
  • Higher levels of Glutathione enable higher levels of the powerful endogenous antioxidants: Super-oxide Dismutase., Catalase, Alpha CoQ10 which neutralize the most dangerous and prevalent free radicals.
  • Higher levels of Glutathione help detoxify the body of heavy metals (especially mercury), pesticides and organic solvents.
  • Higher cellular levels of Glutathione resulting from OGF™ strengthen the immune system.

OGF™ Stories: From world class athletes to the sickest folk on earth, boosting Glutathione levels is possibly the most significant factor in elevating health and performance.

  • I was walking with a cane. Within 2 weeks of taking OGF, I was able to start walking without a cane. I am up to 2 miles! Candice
  • I was in a wheelchair for many years and as a result my shoulders are in constant pain... OGF has made a huge difference in my level of pain and I have stopped taking so many anti-inflammatory drugs. Andre
  • Now that I take OGF I rest better at night. I have a very equal feeling of wellness all day long. The swelling in my legs and my kidney problems have gotten so much better. A lot less swelling. Mervyn
  • My 65 year old husband ran his 37th full marathon in Los Angeles last week and cut 48 minutes off of his time from last year, I am finally getting people to stand up and take notice (about OGF).  Terri
  • Over and over, people ask me my secret...OGF and yet they say, "nah, it's not for me!"  I am a 51 yr old runner who often runs longer, faster and recovers quicker than people who are half my age.  In addition, I am never sick.  One head cold in 5 years.  My kids are never sick, either.  Wish everyone would see the benefit of raising their Glutathione levels.  They would be amazed at the difference in their lives. Charlene

Most assuredly, if you are not “Maxifying” your Glutathione levels, you are going to lose (quality and longevity of life) in a big way!

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